København III.


During Nordic BIM Academy some of the worlds leading BIM-experts will share their thoughts and experiences with the audience. We are thrilled to invite speakers from Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark to the stage. 

Linn Areno Small

Linn Areno

Head of BIM Development at LINK Arkitektur, one of Scandinavia’s largest architect Studios with 350 employees and 14 locations. For many years BIM has been a strategic focus area for LINK Arkitektur that has become one of Scandinavias leading praticies within BIM design and information handeling. The 85.000 m2 Södersjukshuset (Stockholm South General Hospital) is one of LINK Arkitektur’s larger projects where BIM plays a central role throughout all phases.

Colin Dibb Small

Colin Dibb

VDC Services Director at WEBBER Australia, service provider of BIM-based documentation for project owners, consultants and contractors. Colin Dibb is a trained architect from Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa and is responsible for leading the WEBBER team delivering a full range of Virtual Construction BIM services. One of the major projects he has been involved in is 480 Hay Street in Perth.

Tomohiko Yamanashi Small

Tomohiko Yamanashi

Senior Executive Officer and Deputy Head of Architectural Design Department at NIKKEN SEKKEI. He has a Master of Urban Design degree from University of Tokyo and is winner of numerous awards, the latest being MIPIM Asia’s Special Jury Award in 2009 for Mokuzai Kaikan and CTBUH Innovation Award in 2014 for NBF Osaki Building (SONY CITY Osaki). NIKKEN SEKKEI headquarter is located in Tokyo and employs 2.500 persons, making NIKKEN SEKKEI one of the largest and most succesful architectual design firms in the world.

Rob Jackson Small

Rob Jackson

Associate Director at Bond Bryan Digital, part of Bond Bryan Architects – an UK based architect firm with studios in London, Sheffield and Kent. Rob Jackson is a qualified architect and an experienced BIM advisor. Bond Bryan Architects deliver advisory services within BIM, IFC and COBie. They think of BIM as an acronym that stands for “Better Information Management”. The definition and management of the information is the key part and aims to provide a clearer, more robust and standardised process that benefits all parties involved in design, construction and maintenance of buildings.

Viktor Varconyi Small

Viktor Várkonyi

Viktor Várkonyi is Chief Executive Officer of GRAPHISOFT and Member of the Executive Board of Nemetschek SE. Mr. Várkonyi has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is specialized in developing (BIM solutions for the AEC industry. Over the past fifteen years he has held various executive positions and most recently led GRAPHISOFT’s product developments.

Stig Bengtsson Small

Stig Bengtsson

A qualified architect at BAU, one of Sweden’s leading architect studios within BIM design. One of BAU’s biggest projects, where BIM has played an essential part, is the 300.000 m2 Mall of Scandinavia – Scandinavia’s largest shopping center.

Morten Bilde Small

Morten Bilde

Morten holds a M.Sc.Eng i Architecture and Design degree from Aalborg University and works as BIM Specialist at JUUL | FROST Architects. Morten Bilde has – among other things – been BIM manager for NOVA – Örebro University’s new Business School Building, conducted as a 100 % BIM project.


Henrik Lund-Nielsen

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, MBA, is a 3D printing expert, and founder of Larsen & Partners A/S – a newly established international consultancy company focused on 3D printing within the construction industry. He is also the project manager for a Danish publicly funded research project, with aim of identifying the “state of art” of 3D construction printing in the world. As part of this project he has personally visited more than twenty 3D construction projects in Asia, Europe and the US.

Daniel Maimann Small

Daniel Maimann

Daniel Maimann is Senior ICT Manager at Rambøll Pharma and holds a Cand.scient.techn masters degree in “Construction Management and informatics”. The Pharma department at Rambøll helps the pharmaceutical industry with engineer disciplines for building production, process, research and other facilities. As head of ICT for Pharma, Daniel Maimann’s main focus is using ICT/BIM/VDC to “work smarter – not harder” across the department and Rambøll.

Morten Alsdorf

Morten Alsdorf

Morten Alsdorf is area manager for VDC at NCC – one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region with approximately 18,000 employees. NCCs VDC department is involved in all of NCCs projects throughout all phases, and Morten Alsdorf is responsible for utilizing the potentials of VDC in NCC. Mr. Alsdorf has a masters degree in civil enigineering from The Technical University of Denmark and a HDO from CBS in innovation and change leadership.

Torben Klitgaard Small

Torben Klitgaard

Torben Klitgaard is CEO at BLOXHUB – an association targeted at companies and knowledge environments with expertise in sustainable urban development. Mr. Klitgaard is educated Cand.Oecon and has a MBA BYG (MBA BUILDING), and has over 20 years of experience with innovation processes and the productivity/digitalisation of the buildling industry. Before joining BLOXHUB he was CEO at BIPS, Denmarks largest network supporting the digitalisation of the national AEC-industry.


Dávid Petri

David Petri is CAD/BIM-manager KÖZTI Architects & Engineers, the architectural firm with the longest traditions in Hungary founded in 1949. Mr. Petri holds a Master of Architecture from The Technical University of Budapest and has been employeed at KÖZTI for more than a decade. The company have references in the fields of education, health, industry, trade, catering, residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, sport complexes and cultural property. The company operates around the world and opened a representative office The People’s Republic of China in 2013.


Peter Madsen Nordestgaard

Peter Madsen Nordestgaard is structural engineer at the danish engineering company MOE. Peter has among many other complex projects been part of the structural design team for Amager Ressource Center collaborating with both BIG and Züblin.

Jakob Lange

Jakob Lange

Jakob Lange is partner at BIG and has collaborated with Bjarke Ingels since 2003. As a projectleader of several award-winning projects, Jakob has been instrumental in several of BIG’s larest commisions. He is currently the design partner in charge of Stettin 7, a 20,000 M2 sustainable luxury residential building in Stockholm, Sweden. Jakob also heads BIG IDEAS, BIG’s technology-driven special projects division, delivering information driven design for BIG’s design decisions through analysis and simulation.

Patrick MacLeamy Small

Patrick MacLeamy

Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA, LEED AP, is HOK’s chairman and a member of the executive committee. He is a founder and chairman of buildingSMART International (bSI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the building industry through the creation and adoption of open, international digital standards for information exchange. By advancing buildingSMART initiatives within HOK, he has positioned the firm to accelerate the industry’s adoption of a seamless information exchange network among all team members throughout the facility life cycle.

Portræt af Emil Thorup / fotograf: Sara Toft Jessen/Skovdal.dk - All rights reserved

Emil Thorup

Emil Thorup will host Nordic BIM Academy. Emil Thorup is a eminent presenter with experience from Live TV shows that have reached over a million viewers. Besides being a sought-after presenter and TV-host, Emil Thorup also works as self employed architect and designer. He has worked for prize winning architetcs LW DESIGN, has developed a series of prefab luxury houses for Kalmar-huse, and is founder of HANDVÄRK that specialize in furniture design taking their point of departure in the Nordic DNA


Jakob Andreassen

Jakob Andreassen is BIM manager at BIG – Bjarke Ingels Studio and is overseeing the “AARHUS in Aarhus” project in combination with other projects world wide. Jakob has a deep knowledge of BIM and a has personal experience with a wide range of digital tools, that provides a flexible design workflow for the international office.


Dorte Veje Høeg

Dorte Veje Høeg is a BIM savvy engineer from MOE Engineering. Working with complex projects Dorte has not only experience with the design solutions, but also with coordination and quality assurance using IFC as the digital backbone of the projects.


Jesper Boye Andersen

Jesper Boye Andersen is a architectural technologist at BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Jesper is working at some of the most technical complex projects in the office, including Amager Ressource Center in Copenhagen, where Rhino and Grasshopper is part of the many BIM tools in daily use.


Ole Kristian Kvarsvik

Ole Kristian Kvarsvik has been working with BIM implementation as a public owner/client for 10+ years. He is part of the IDM project in buildingSMART, chairman of the technical group in buldingSMART Norway, author of the COBie specification BPie (Building Programming information exchange) and co- author of the IDM for bulding programming within buildingSMART. Ole Kristian has been involved in the OSL project the last 3 years.